Selena, we are all with you!

Almost 7,000 kuna was collected for three year old Selena Brunjaji. It is a girl who was diagnosed with leukemia a year ago, which already covered 98 percent of her body. Fortunately, Selenini is now neat, but frequent controls in 30 kilometers distant Osijek and 300 kilometers distant Zagreb are a difficult financial blow to the Brunjaji family budget.

That is why Rotaract members of the Zagreb Zrinjevac Club in Zagreb’s ExKinoteka organized a humanitarian action “Selena, we are all with you!”. The guests were animated by the most famous Croatian magician and illusionist Luka Vidović, and all the gathered people also participated in rich prizes.

As all would not remain in this action, the Brunjaja family could help citizens in the coming weeks and pay it directly to the mother’s account.

Beneficiary: Selena Brunjaji




Date published

February 10, 2017